Katie Rotolo leading a yoga practice for the cast and crew of The Porters of Hellsgate's The Tempest at the Whitmore-Lindley Theatre in North Hollywood.


Finding our way to yoga has changed our lives and we hope to positively impact the lives of others in the way we have been moved. We hail from two different states, (Alex moved around a lot as a kid) but we both ended up in LA about 10 years ago, and have since found each other and a mutual love for entertainment and the arts. Our first business venture together began in 2016 with the journey of Paper Ball Pictures, a boutique production company. We realized just how much waste is being output on film sets so we not only set out to tell impactful stories, but also spread the word of putting the environment first.

I had an on again off again relationship with yoga before I really knew what it meant to me. I found my way back to it longing to find a way to heal my body, my physical body at first, from injuries and pain from injuries, I continued to aggravate working long hours and not taking time for myself. And I knew once I could heal these aches, I could help others heal as well. A friend pointed me to a yoga teacher training retreat with Shivakali that would change my life. It was there that I realized just how amazing yoga is for mental health. What a game changer! It has helped me nourish myself rather than punish it, blossoming my relationship with food and exercise into a healthy one. We believe mental health is as important as physical health and according to Harvard Medical School, “By reducing perceived stress and anxiety, yoga appears to modulate stress response systems.”

From our experience on set, we realized the need to bring mindfulness and yoga to the often stressful environments of film, tv and theatre. There are food and coffee trucks that visit set for crew morale, but we want to provide an alternative some time for people to come, flow, nap, whatever they need to decompress. And we also want to reinforce and keep discovering ways to leave a smaller carbon footprint on the earth. Thus, Set Intentions was born. Set Intentions is a sustainable, mobile yoga community based in Los Angeles. Our yoga practice is alignment-based and rooted in bodhicitta, which in short means to free all beings from suffering. Our hope is to inspire people to feel better and do better by Mother Earth, by making them aware of mindful practices for themselves and the environment.

Throughout this journey Alex and I have educated ourselves in sustainability, changed our eating and buying habits to live more in line with ahimsa. Ahimsa (ah-HIM-sah) is the first of the foundational yogic principles called Yamas and means non-harming towards all living beings. We take that to mean non-harming of Mother Earth and her creatures which is why we strive for sustainability. All of the yoga practice supplies we provide and any products we carry are earthy-friendly, vegan and ethically made. We have become passionate about living a low impact lifestyle and Alex a person who wouldn’t touch vegetables a few years ago, made a huge shift towards bettering himself and lessening the footprint he leaves behind. We are advocates for animal rights and green energy and are working towards building Set Intentions into a community of changemakers.

We are big believers in yoga feeling and looking different for everyone, thus a work of art and expression. "Any action done with beauty and purity, and in complete harmony of body, mind and soul, is art. In this way art elevates the artist. As yoga fulfills the essential need of art, it is an art." -The Art of Yoga B.K. S. Iyengar

We value community. We invite you to make new friends, hold space for each other, team build, love and grow together. We believe in yoga for nurturing the mind, body and spirit. We encourage you to breathe, take some time for self care out of a "busy" day, reducing stress and anxiety, strengthening and connecting with self. We wish to inspire others to live mindfully, considering their impacts on the environment, in addition to your own bodies' needs. We believe in ahimsa.



Katie Rotolo, Co-Founder & Yoga Teacher

Alex Parker, Co-Founder