Film Set & Corporate Offerings


We lead sustainable practices to help busy people program time for yoga and mindfulness. Our yoga truck comes stocked with all the eco-friendly supplies to participate and we set up and break down for you.

Because of the nature of running a film set or a corporate office, people are often burning the candle at both ends because everything revolves around time. In English-speaking cultures, we use time as a foundation in our communication, attaching (past, present and future) tenses before we even connect. It is expected that everyone answer emails 24/7 and it’s quite apparent how many of us are addicted to our phones, even outside of work. But this is supposed to be fun! Find balance by making time for yourself.

When we make the time for a break, to connect to our personal needs, and move our bodies, even for 20 minutes, serotonin increases and tension is released allowing for the mind and body to be more at peace. Plus, we don’t actually lose time and can be more productive. Encouraging people to make time for meditation and yoga breaks, to connect to themselves, the planet and their community can aid them in bettering their mind, body and spirit. Let’s create sustainable practices in your community to provide longevity and happiness in the lives and careers of you and your peers.

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